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Welcome to Mediscience Devices

Mediscience Devices is considered as one of the leading supplier and service provider of ophthalmic medical equipments as well as optometry equipments in eastern & North Easter India including Chhattisgarh. Having head administrative office at Calcutta, the business headquarter of Eastern India, it has branch offices strategically spread all over East & North eastern India including Chhattisgarh. The company has also operations in other parts of India such as South & North through, distributor network and channel Partners.

Our full fledged office with trained men-power at Guwahati, the gateway of North –Eastern India, is a boon to the clients of even non –reachable place of north eastern states. We are a very familiar name in the ophthalmic field all over north eastern states since 1997 (2 decades).

The company, born as a baby in the year 1997 under the able guidance of Mr. Kailash Sahoo a graduate Electronic Engineer with 10 years of experience in ophthalmic & other medical equipment market. The steady growth both in turn over and men power with increasing number of company owned branch offices are the proof of able leadership and professional management of MEDISCIENCE DEVICES.

The company which started with a mere capital of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousands Only) in year 1997- 98 has grown to a company with asset & capital base of more than Rs. 150 Millions today.

Company Strategy

Purpose to be a leader in the field of ophthalmic & optometry equipment sales by providing enhanced services with growing relationship and profitability.


To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Mission statement

To build long term relationships with our customers /clients and provide exceptional customer services through our trained, professional & experienced team by pursuing  business through innovation and advanced technology.

Cores Values

We believe in treating our customers with respect & faith.

 we grow through creativity invention & innovation.

 We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


Continuous regional expansions in the field of ophthalmology, optometry community ophthalmology and develop a strong base of key customers.

 Adding new product range in the process of growth & expansion.

Increase assets and investments of the company to support the development of our services, deep into the non accessible habitats.

 To build great appreciating reputations in the field of ophthalmic equipments trade and become a key player with respect & dignity in the industry.


Mediscience Devices & its sister concern Mediscience services conduct sales of hi-tech ophthalmic & optometry equipments. It provides training on use of newly lunched technologies, and undertakes all type of services, repair and maintenance of such equipments immaterial of their brand & origin.

Financial Consideration

The Company has always achieved its desired profits since its year of inception and has neither faced nor anticipates any serious cash flow problems at current level of operation.

At no point of time the company has any liabilities and debts so far, it has never depended upon any borrowings either from bank or from any other financial institutions.

However our goods book with our banker since last 15 years makes us proud to say that our banker is ever ready to support us financially at the knock of their door, if needed their help for any type of future expansion in our business.

Presence & style

We have tried our level best to make us available very close to our client’s door to save money and time for both of us & clients. Therefore being a regional player we have the largest number of company owned offices with men power in our areas of operation.

We are one of the most familiar faces in taking active part in almost all state ophthalmic meets, conference & exhibitions including exhibiting our products in AIOS & DOC etc.

Today many individual ophthalmic practitioners, upcoming small & medium eye hospital,   Eye clinics, community ophthalmic centre take our sincere advice to start and give shape to their up-coming projects. We feel proud to share our long experiences with our clients and always try to associate ourselves for our future business.

Our Clients

Individually Practicing eye surgeons, eye hospitals, community ophthalmic  clinics Govt & Pvt medical colleges, optometry colleges, Rotary, Lions and other such NGO ‘s, charitable institutions rendering ophthalmic medical services. We also participate in tender procurement processes  & supplying our ophthalmic products in different state Govt, public sectors etc.
Some of our important clients are : Govt of Nagaland, Govt of Assam, Govt of Manipur, Govt of Mizoram, Govt of West Bengal, Govt of Jharkhand, Govt of Orissa, BCCL, ESI, HAL, NTPC, BSF, IOC, etc.


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Key Customers

  • Govt. of Assam
  • Oil India
  • DHS Nagaland
  • SECL
  • DHS Manipur

Serving to optical stores, eye hospitals, eye clinics and individual eye specialists




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